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We strive to select the best seedstock to compliment our genetics so we can produce the best Herefords for our customers. We test it first in our program so we can stand behind what we sell. Progressing gentically with each generation is our goal. 

New for 2015, we purchased two new sires from Churchill Cattle Company in Montana, Churchill Sensation 429B and Churchill Sensation 434B. These bulls are doing a great job for us. 429 is a foundation type sire that we feel very lucky to own. 434 is a calving ease bull and a grandson of the great Churchill donor cow CHURCHILL LADY 7202T ET {DLF,HYF,IEF} (42856776)

. We will have a good offering of calves out of these sires.

Churchill Sensation 429B (DLF, HYF, IEF)

Red Eye or 429B is currently our main to herdsire. A great disposition and a consistent breeder. Calves are low birthweight with lots of vigor at birth and wean heavy. 429 is a easy keeping bull that will add pigment. We cant wait to get some of his heifers into production. Currently ranks in the top 5 among young sires in the United States in calving ease and birth weight EPD's amoung bulls that have $29 CHB or above. We believe 429 is the best bull we have ever had and plan to use him heavily.


New for 2016 we aquired JCS 310 DOMINO 5849 ET (43606261) and we think he will work great on the Sensation bred females. Structurally 5849 is flawless with plenty of power and scanned a 115% ratio in IMF. His sire goes back to the great CJH L1 DOMINO 552. His dam JCS MISS ROYALTY 4720 {DLF,HYF,IEF} (42499718) is a Copeland donor cow that we think, is as good as they come.

JCS Icon 0261

Icon, progeny have a good look and his daughters in production have very good udders. Recently sold to Jill Pronger Killian of Stratford, TX.

"Jake" JCS 5216 Domino 3487 (DLF, HYF, IEF)

Jake was purchased in 2014 Copeland & Sons LLC Bull Sale. Jake was sold to one of our repeat bull customers this Fall who decided to replace a bull bought from us 10 years ago. 

"Deno" ML Harland 7035 (DLF, HYF, IEF)

Deno was sold to Berlier Ranch in KS, but some top females with great dispositions remain in the herd.

"Harley" ML Harland 840 (DLF, HYF, IEF)

Harley was sold to Berlier Ranch, KS in 2014. Our replacement heifers sired by Harley are proving to be very efficient cows that will impact our genetics for many years.

"CJ" CJH 767 Advance 431 (SOD, DLF, IEF)

Herd sire 431 or "CJ" was purchased at the Harlands dispersal sale in April of 2005.

CJH Harland 408 (SOD, CHB, DLF, HYF, IEF)

AI sire Harland a 10 trait leader sire out of HH Advance 9005J topped the sale at Harlands dispersal in April 2005 for $25,000. Harland a ABS Global sire is advertised as "Elite Baldy Making Genetic Material". His great grandam 505 is the mother of our 431 sire. We have two sons out of Harland that have impacted our genetics see "Deno" & "Harley" above.