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ML Cattle was started in 2004. We began with a base group of Mark Donald / Line 1 pedigrees purchased from Mill Creek Ranch in Kansas which included several donor and embryo transfer females. Our first herdsire CJH 767 Advance 431 was one of the top Bulls purchased from the legendary Harland Herefords at their dispersal sale. We also have added genetics from industry leading breeders including, Copeland & Sons, NM, Largent & Sons, WY and Churchill Cattle Company, MT. We utilize Artificial Insemination (AI), Expected Progency Differences (EPD's), Total Performance Records (TPR) and National Hereford Feedout (formally known as the Genetic Outreach Program) as tools to continue genetic development.

Mike was raised on a farm and ranch In Coleman & Runnels County, TX where the family has raised cattle and sheep since 1886. Being a county extension agent in Texas, he developed a devotion to the gentle & efficient Hereford Breed in part to the wonderful people he has met through 4-Her's showing Hereford cattle as their livestock projects.

LaReshia background was on the farm. She was raised in the custom harvesting business, then became a CPA and started her own firm in 1998. Although they had horses growing up, cattle are a new adventure for her. LaReshia is Mike's partner and is involved with every aspect of ML Cattle and makes the majority of purchases and manages health and financial records.

Our Herefords are raised in the northwestern corner of Texas Panhandle and the northeastern highlands of New Mexico on mixed & short grass prairie consisting of predominately blue grama, buffalo grass, and western wheatgrass. Our cowherd makes a living on native grass, in a dry southern plains environment that frequently has extreme environmental challenges, so taking care of the range and the cattle go hand in hand. Management practices that benefit native grass production are implemented seasonally. The nutritional requirements of cattle and the availability of that nutrition are continually monitored. To be successful in our area we prefer moderate framed, efficient & functionally sound (reproductively & structurally) cattle to makeup the herd. Due to the challenges our cattle have from hot, dry & dusty droughts to windy winter blizzards, we are confident they can thrive and adapt to other regions of the country.

We also have a considerable emphasis on fertility, eye, scrotal & udder pigmentation, longevity and udder quality. We make extra efforts to insure all cattle are gentle and easy to handle, have a complete herd health program, collect TPR on every individual and utilize performance, ultrasound and economic data to guide genetics. A combination of utilizing genotypic and phenotypic strengths is a focus in our breeding program. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, so we utilize a variety of industry standard tools to represent the cattle on what we know about them.


About as good as it gets in the Texas Panhandle


Nearly as big as mom